The spiritual impact of fame, part 1

Fame is an energy that wraps itself around you. It is inseparable from your life. When it first arrives, it shows you visions of belonging and ease. It caresses your ego, whispers “you’ve made it” over and over. The highest of heights await you.


The first threat. The first sense of being trapped. The first time you are misunderstood and find yourself powerless to make yourself heard. The first horrifying realization that you’ve past the point of no return. Suddenly, all you’ve worked for, the excellence of your talent, skill, dedication, effort…is cast into a dizzying array of doubt: Is this worth it? This isn’t what I wanted. 

Fame shifts everything. The power it markets itself with soon becomes a high-security prison. And no, I’m not being melodramatic here. And yes, I know that there are blessings of opportunity that come with fame. But those blessings are professional blessings. The wounds of fame are deeply personal.

They are, in fact, spiritual wounds that ripple out into your physical life. How does fame impact you spiritually?


  • Obliterates your ability to be truly known for who you are
  • Silences your authentic, personal voice
  • Disallows you from receiving empathy, since you are not allowed to struggle or have a less than “perfect” body/life
  • Robs you of your ability to trust
  • Isolates you

The paradox of fame is that the more visible you are to the world, the more invisible you become. The greater your circle of fans, the smaller your circle of trust. The louder you speak from your authentic voice, the less you are heard.

Fame generates its own version of you, molded by the illusions and perceptions of the public. It writes a story that casts you in the leading role, except that role is not who you really are. And this is your life and this story is supposed to be about you.

Spiritually, we all have a deep desire to be seen, known, and understood for who we really are. To be able to speak our authentic voice and be heard. To struggle, suffer, hurt, find empathy and support from others because they struggle, too. To trust people generally. To belong and partake and freely be part of the human family.

Fame takes you aside, and says: not you.


The deepest wounds of fame stem from not being able to make yourself understood while you are being gravely misunderstood. It hurts when people decide who you are and their perception does not reflect your spirit at all. It hurts when you attempt to express who you are and they refuse to accept it.

This disconnect between who people think you are and who you feel you are inside is excruciating to the spirit, as you know, love. You’ve been there, you are there. You know that spiritually you often feel as if you don’t exist.

You are so buried under the weight of fame that you don’t know how to be You or where to be You in your life. You feel so changed by all you have been through that you can hardly recognize who you were before all of this began.

The intrusive, threatening nature of fame (for it is ultimately a violent energy), erodes your natural sense of safety. Not only are you silenced and disallowed from being who you really are, your movements in this world are restricted and your freedom limited. Having to live life with security details, staff, paparazzi takes its toll on your spirit.

No doubt you’ve gone through phases where you try to be who they believe you are and rebel against it. Try to live within the world fame creates and try to retain some sense of normalcy. Keep up the facade, hide what you really feel, surrender mostly to the fact that you can’t change it, lash out in desperation or lash inwardly …usually, in the end, you find you are absolutely lost to yourself.

Being lost to yourself is the ultimate price of fame. It is the deepest wound of all. The entire purpose of this site is for you to reclaim your Self. And yes, it is possible to do that.

Before you can begin, though, there are additional wounds that need to be acknowledged. Because in order to heal and transform, you need to know what the wounds are and how you’ve been wounded.

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