Once there was a person in your life who had incredible belief. Faith in the seemingly impossible. A tenacious persistence that refused to let you give up on that vision of what you were capable of. This person was always there for you. Always held you when you cried. Always coached you when you stumbled and weren’t sure you could get up. Always insisted that you GET up and that it was, indeed, worth it.

This person was open and expressive, heartfelt and feeling. Brave, bold, fearless. Willing to stay up with you, to get lost in the timelessness of creation, meet you the next day, do it all again. This person insisted that rejection was just another opportunity to find the right door. Reminded you that you had a lovable heart and believed in every good thing in you. Saw the goodness in others. Wanted nothing more than to see you find a way to live your dream, do your art, express the gifts within you.

Never gave up on you, even when you did.

Do you remember this person?

Do you remember…