Keeping the core of You alive

Reclaiming your Self is a process. Once you begin to dig yourself out, you uncover more and more pieces of yourself that got scattered and lost. You get to choose what fits and what doesn’t anymore.

You make changes. You shift perspectives.

You find and re-find your courage to believe that You matter.

YOU. matter.

You start living in ways that honor who you are, your tolerance for bullshit and pretense and what’s fake evaporates. You see things for what they are.

Living true to who you really are becomes compulsory.

You move at the pace of your creation. Sometimes, you move suddenly. Massive shifts happen in an instant. The moment a thought you haven’t had before enters your mind.

Sometimes the slightest revelation melts you to your core. Sometimes fear disguises itself in ingenious fashion to convince you to remain safe and the same.

Sometimes depression convinces you that it’s all pointless, that you are the only one fighting for your truth and freedom.

Sometimes it just seems easier to be who people want you to be.

That way, no one gets hurt, no one’s life gets disrupted. People can continue on in their comfortable illusions.

But you can’t.

I know from experience, it’s lonely being the only person who believes your truth matters.

It’s lonely being the only person fighting for your freedom. It’s hard to sustain your own belief when no one else around thinks your truth is necessary.

Don’t give in.

You will be the only one fighting for your freedom. You will be the only one convinced your truth, who you really are inside, matters enough to disrupt life as they know it.

People will pressure you to stay the same. They will try to convince you that you are selfish, destructive, ungrateful, and call you all kinds of horrific names.

Don’t give in.

Your truth matters more than you can fathom.


Because this is not all about you.

It’s about you being You among the rest of us.

It’s about being aligned to your authentic Self so that you are in the right place at the right time to impact countless other people on their journey.

It’s about showing up, being who you are called to be in this world, and having faith that when you do, your Presence here fulfills the reason you entered this lifetime.

Reclaiming your Self matters more than it will seem.

Until you get to the end of this lifetime and you realize you can say that you lived true to who you are.

That you were You.

Don’t give up, love.

Don’t ever give up.